Aquila Tools

The Aquila Tools include everything that you will need for developing Hardware and Software with Aquila: The Arduino IDE with altair's hardware definition and the Aquila Server, for controlling Altairs from a web browser.


Installation of Altair Support for Arduino IDE


  • Problem: aquila-server startup fails with message Error: listen EADDRINUSE

    Cause: This happens because the port 8080 is already occupied by another process.

    Solution: We should change the port in which our server will live. For this, edit the file C:\ProgramData\.aquila-server\server.js (Windows) or ~/.aquila-server/server.js (Linux, OSX) with a plain text editor like notepad or WordPad and change the por number, for example, we could use port: 5080

    Solution 2: If the previous solution doesn't work, please check if your firewall is blocking the chosen port.

  • Problem: aquila-server fails to start with message ERROR connecting to database, make sure that mongodb is installed and running or try resetting the database.

    Cause: This happens because the database file was corrupted (your computer was abruptly tuned off or the mongodb process was forcibly interrupted while writing the file).

    Solution: Delete the database folder C:\ProgramData\.aquila-server\data\db (Windows) or ~/.aquila-server/data/db (Linux, OSX). The next time aquila-server is started a new database should be created. Please note that all your device data and configuration will be lost.

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